Thank you to our brewers, distributors, vendors, sponsors, volunteers and, foremost, our attendees who participated in the 2014 Midwest Brewers Fest on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

What’s New?

The Volunteers

Our dedicated volunteers make the Midwest Brewers Fest and our charitable gifts possible – we have no paid staff! Learn how you can join our team.

Wanna Help?

The Beer

The Midwest Brewers Fest is all about the beer – craft beer from favorite and undiscovered breweries, special offerings in the cask ale tent, and a huge variety of hand-made brews in the Homebrew Pavilion.

What’s on Tap?

The Sponsors

Our sponsors are the foundation of our event, providing the financial stability to dream big (our tent rentals alone cost more than a used BMW 7-series!). Their generous support makes the Fest possible. It’s good to be loved!

Who’s with Us?

Food and Merch Vendors

Tamale Spaceship? Toasty Cheese? Vessel? They should give prizes for names like these. We’ve assembled a folly pack of food and merchandise vendors to complete your Midwest Brewers Fest experience!

What Can I Buy?